Can My Denture Be Repaired?

So your denture has broken? Do not worry, it can be fixed. First of all we need to identify why it broke in the first place so we can plan the best way to repair it and also stop it happening again. Here are some of the most common reasons a denture breaks.

  • How old the denture is.
  • Was it damaged,dropped or stood on?
  • Does it fit correctly?
  • Has your mouth changed since it was made

What Should I Do?

One of the biggest mistakes patients make when they break their denture is fixing it themselves with super glue. Although it seems logical it is detrimental to the process and can be harmful for you. Super Glue is soluble in water and as it is solvent-based and it may cause harm in the form of sickness or a stomach upset as it’s not designed to be used within the body.

Also gluing it can prevent us from aligning the broken parts of the denture again correctly. This means that an impression may be needed to repair your denture which means it will take longer to repair.

If you need a repair the best thing to do is not alter or attempt to fix the broken denture and contact the lab, We can fix a broken denture in an hour once in the lab.

How Is A Denture Repaired?

Once we receive your denture we will examine it to find out the cause and how the denture pieces back together. Once we know the denture is pieced back together how it originally was we use wax and glue to keep this shape.

A model is then made inside the denture out of plaster or a putty. Once these have set the denture is then re broken in the same place, acrylic is trimmed about 5mm away from the crack to make a rough surface then acrylic is poured into the void left to replace where the breakage was. This is then pressure and heat cured to ensure maximum strength in the acrylic.

Once the acrylic is cured, the job is examined for any faults in this process then it is cleaned, smoothed and polished ready for the patient.


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